Arjun Aravind 25 June 2020 2 min read It's been an extremely long time since I wrote anything online. The last time probably was around two years ago and the last time before that was about two years before that.

Although it's been quite a longstanding wish of mine to start a techology blog, I never really got around to doing it. In fact, I wouldn't have started this one if it weren't for Lordson Jacob, Arun Madhavan Govindarajan and Tamizhvendan S, my colleagues at Ajira.

While getting inspiration from Arun and Tamizh's blogs, Lordson provided me with a pretty good reason for starting one. I'll tell you what it is:

If you're a programmer, you probably have. And if you have, then what about that amazing, almost addictive sensation of achievement that you feel when you finally understand that concept or when you finally get that program running?
It's an unbelievable emotion of pure, unadulterated triumph that you feel right then.
And that's part of why I'm writing this blog. To jot down these moments and, hopefully, never forget them. I'm also planning to write a lot of articles about the current state of affairs in the world of tech, articles which try and explain complex technologies to the layman, my thoughts and a lot of other exciting topics!

I first thought of writing this on Medium (I've already written a bunch of articles there) but something about that annoying paywall they have really persuaded me to build my own.

So, thanks for the inspiration, guys! Readers are welcome to ping me about any suggestions that they have for any articles or just about anything else they want to talk about. Seeya!