20 August, 2023

Creating a basic HTTP client using Vim, cURL and JQ

Anyone who's worked with me closely enough knows that when I'm on the computer, I tend to avoid using the mouse as much as possible.

16 May, 2022

NDC London 2022 Highlights: CUPID, Dylan Beattie and more!

Last week, I had the good fortune of attending NDC London in its entirety and it was amazing...

27 July, 2021

What is tail recursion and why is it useful?

Recursion. The old enemy of computer science students in college and high-school; and the destroyer of interest in any subject relating to data structures or algorithms...

20 June, 2021

ELI5: What is SSH and how does one use it?

Just like using dark mode in your text editor or entering commands in a terminal, SSH is just one of those things that makes you...

2 January, 2021

Software Engineering Isn't Just Coding

Last year was definitely one of the more forgettable years out there...

11 October, 2020

SQL for Noobs: Basics

If you've heard of SQL, then you know that it's probably the backbone of the software application world...

18 September, 2020

ELI5: How does HTTP even work?

If you're a regular internet user, then the term HTTP is definitely something that you would have come across...

31 August, 2020

Asynchronous Programming in Javascript

Alright, I'm pretty excited about this article because it's about a topic I used to have a phobia about...

12 July, 2020

ELI5: What exactly is quantum computing anyway?

Quantum computing sounds like a word you might hear either in a Rick and Morty episode or...

2 July, 2020

Should you learn React Native?

React Native is one of those things that you hear suddenly hear a lot of devs talking about. It's one of those 'cool' things to learn...

27 June, 2020

ELI5: How do computer mice work?

Mice are an ubuquitous object in households these days. Anyone who's ever used a computer has used a mouse. It's...

25 June, 2020


It's been a long time since I wrote anything online. The last time was probably two years ago and the last time before that was was about two years before that ...